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Germany is the perfect place to graduate! First-class higher education, busy suburbs, lovely countryside and many visitors from all over the world. Get more about Germany! Get more information about Germany! However, you can also choose one of the many degree programs in English, which means you will only need German language skills for everyday life. In day-to-day situations, it may be important to be able to speak some German. "If it is to continue as it stands, it should be politely and respectfully set aside among the dead languages, for only the dead have time to understand it. Mark Twain is said to have said." It's not easy to speak German, but something can be learned! This is something many foreign students do, and sometimes quite effectively. As the German says: "Exercise makes the master" (Practice makes perfect)! It's hard German grammar. Four examples are reproductively, accusatively, genially and datively present in German. There are also three demographic groups: men, women and neutrals. Germany was one of the major scholarly languages used in the past, alongside English and French. Many scientific discoveries and inventions were made in the 19th and early 20th centuries by German-speaking nations. Many scholars nowadays, of course, often write their papers in English, while many ideas are articulated in German more accurately. DIALECTS In Germany, geographical variations in pronunciation and intonation exist as with other languages worldwide. Rhineland are speaking differently than Bavarians, and Hamburg inhabitants are Berliners speaking differently. If you are not a native speaker, most people will endeavor to speak High German (Standard German). Many Germans, however, do not know that the sounds of their German on the CDs of the textbooks vary from that of the German. Don't worry: in your city, you'll soon become familiar with the German spoken. And nothing will happen if you can't immediately grasp, never render yourself unsuccessful upon this. How much do you want to live and to be in GERMANY for all of the days? German is not only important to your graduation program in your daily life. It is helpful to learn your host country's language even though you don't use German in the course of your studies – for example if you are studying English. With strong language skills in Germany, you can feel more at home. You will calm down better, participate more actively in Germany's life and make friends a lot easier. In towns, English-speaking doctors or English-language activities are normally easily found. You will, however, find that not all workers have excellent command of English in communicating with public authorities. In education Depending on the curriculum and institution of higher education, the sum of German you need to know for graduation. In most situations, you do not need any skills in German for degree programs, but you do need very strong English command. For German graduate programs you generally need better German language skills in the humanities and social sciences, particularly in writing and speaking, than for natural sciences. To understand lectures and join discussions in workshops, you must have enough language skills. You require scholarly texts to be able to learn. You should be able to address and analyze academic subjects at an acceptable linguistic level.


The German system of higher education played a major role in shaping an economic climate where individual and social responsibilities, practicality, and creativity became the forces of reform and development through their "dual education system," based on the concept of "equality of learning and study," and emphasized on apprenticeship. The benefits of German study For at least the last two centuries German universities have had a great attraction for students across Europe (and beyond). It is only enough to verify the universities were affiliated with most of the Nobel Prize winners before 100 years and which were among the most influential in Heidelberg and Tubingen. Not that German universities have never lost their past appeal, but there has been a marked rise in foreign students' choices in recent decades, marking the new era of globalization, who can now participate in university studies at several remote locations around the world. However, there is no doubt that more and more young people from around the world are turning German into the final destination for their higher learning objectives (particularly Master and Ph.D. studies). There are no difficult explanations for this rise in interest: *Germany's global significance *The Academy, Research and Industry Interactive Web *University standards *Research Financing *Courses available in English and International Credential Recognition 1. Germany offers each student more than 14,500 bachelor and Master's programs with over 409 higher educational institutions in the world. 2. 11 out of 16 countries in Germany do not have tuition payments at all and only a limit of € 500 per year is needed for other countries 3. German universities deliver quality, up to date education in engineering, medicine, science and economics and their competent academic personnel. 4. The total cost of living is between 700 and 800 € (including rent, feed, transportation, health care, telephone / web, studies and entertainment). 5. The German Academic Exchange Services (DAAD) as well as several political and corporate foundations provide many bursaries for foreign students to support their studies. 6. Several universities also deliver foreign English courses. Therefore, it is not compulsory, nor encouraged to study German in Germany. 7. In order to sustain themselves, international students can spend ninety full working days or 180 half working days in a year. The typical salaries of students vary from 10 and 15 euros per hour. 8. In the event that a job is being sought, foreign students can remain for one year after graduation. Germany offers promising students long-term employment options. 9. In addition, you will also have the opportunity to live and experience a fascinating culture, history and environment in one of the most industrialized countries in the world. 10. If you are studying internationally, enjoying a drink at OK, eating delicious sausage of Würst or watching a football match in Bavaria, you will have an incredible German experience


Germany types of visas for which students may apply Depending on the intent of the report, the relevant German authorities sell various kinds of German student visas. The following are the forms of German study visas: Visa applicant Germany You can apply for a German Student Applicant Visa if you have applied and have a letter of confirmation but have not obtained a formal admission yet. This visa is also applicable to people in Germany who have to take university admission tests they have applied for. The student applicant visa shall be valid for 3 months and can be extended for another 6 months. You have to register for your country at the German Consulate or Embassy. Student Visa Germany You can apply for a German student visa if you have already got your German University acceptance address. Until you enter a German university in Germany, you cannot acquire a student visa. This form of German visa generally takes more than three months. If you have to remain further, apply for a student residency permit from Germany at the foreign registration office in the German town at which the university you will be studying is situated. When do I request a visa for a German student? In order to prevent potential delays, applications should be sent for German Student Visa with the necessary documentation at least 8 weeks before the date of travel to Germany. Where do I apply for a visa for students in my Germany? At the German Consulate or embassy in your country you must apply for a German student visa. For the whole course of the visa procedures, your passport shall remain at the Embassy/Consulate. You will have to register again from the start if you are required to revoke your passport for some reason, whether commuting or otherwise. You must take the following steps to apply for a German student visa: Complete the application form for student visas in Germany. Include paperwork for all German study visas. Appointment schedule. Go to the interview visa request center. Pay visa charge for German students. Enter biometrics. Wait to process. Complete the application form for a student visa - It's really convenient than you can think to obtain a research visa for Germany. Students who are interested in research in Germany choose the German embassies above all else. However, the submission must be made in time for sufficient processing time, ideally 90 days before the journey. Students from EU countries should be remembered that before they visit they are excluded from the visa requirement. In certain circumstances, after the trip, the research licence will be needed and we recommend that you keep in contact with us for additional assistance. The following documents shall be supplied at the German embassy upon request: Passport original (valid up to at least six months with at least one blank page) Application Form completed Photograph of one passport form Original letter and transcript of the university acceptance Visa processing fee proof of payment (around 60 USD) A photocopy of past passports in Germany (only applicable to foreign citizens who were once Germany citizens and have obtained foreign citizenship) Proof of legal status in a country in which you apply for a visa, such as a resident's authorization (if you apply to VISA outside your nationality country) Copy of air fares and plans for accommodation Germany Indian Student Visa Requirements One must purchase a student visa, as a foreign student, to complete his entry process and obtain a university seat. Once you send your original paperwork, you will get a confirmation letter from the university. Such a letter of confirmation shall be sent to the German Embassy for a student visa application. Based on entry stage and notification, there are two forms of visas. Forward-looking Visa for students: Visa for the students applied before they were admitted Student visa: visa applicable after the university enrollment notice.


Munich’s technical university is well known for its excellence in science, education and talent development as one of the best in Europe. It covers about 42,705 students from 15 separate faculties, including foreign students, through all its diploma programs. The university has 566 professors who instruct students who want to succeed in their dream field to provide a high level of teaching. “We believe in creativity,” the mission statement of the university. Our gain is information.” In the following fields of research the Technical University of Munich offers degrees:

Computer Science Architecture Chemistry

Building. Geo environment

Space and Geodesy Aviation

Engineering Mechanics

Engineering for electricity and computing



Health Sciences and Sports

Medicine Economics

Situated in the center of Europe, this university is one of Europe’s leading research universities. LMU Munich’s tradition spans more than 500 years and has some of the highest teaching and testing standards. This university makes up 15 percent of its students and has over 7000 international students. The University of Ludwig Maximilian has close partnerships with a host of affiliate universities worldwide. This is an opportunity for university students who benefit from exchanges and shared degrees. The following courses are offered at this university:

Christian Theology

Evangelical law in theology

Management of Businesses – Munich Economics Medicine School of Management

Veterinary health

Arts and History

Philosophy, science philosophy and religious studies

Psychological sciences and education

Math, computer science and statistics

Languages and Literature Cultural Studies

Social studies

Biology in Physics

Pharmacy and Chemistry


Heidelberg University of Ruprecht-Karls.

This university has a long history as a scientific and education institution that offers a range of disciplines globally focused. This university offers high quality instruction in its accommodating and comfortable atmosphere in order to expand the experience and talents of its students and prepare them for the future. University of Heidelberg is focusing on bringing men and women equal opportunity and building a comfortable society of ambitious people, diverse and equal. In the following fields of analysis it gives degrees:

Earth science and bio-chemistry

Computer science and mathematics

Astronomy and Physics

Cultural studies and conduct

Social Sciences and Economics

Modern Language Law

Philosophical philosophy

Astronomy and Physics

Theological studies

Medical Control

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