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A very warm welcome awaits you in the United Kingdom. Our accessible and welcoming way of life will inspire you, our rich cultural heritage will make your dreams come true, and you will be able to grow the best and brightest ideas because our universities are the most credible and admired in the world. Universities in the United Kingdom have responded to the Covid-19 outbreak, ensuring that student welfare is a top priority for the country's ability to provide world-class education. Every UK university has dedicated personnel to assist foreign students at every point of their journey: from registration to travel planning, arrival at university, and ongoing assistance.


Schooling in the United Kingdom opens door for success all over the world. We have everything you need to achieve your full potential, from world-class universities to cutting-edge teaching methods and leading minds. For some of history's most influential thinkers, Britain was the obvious alternative. One of every four world leaders attended university in the United Kingdom, so if you want to do big stuff, you should be certain that you will be considered in the right position in the United Kingdom.


If you have been given a position on a course, the course provider might be able to assist you in applying for a UK student visa; inquire to find out if this is the case. You can apply for the visa up to three months before the start of your course. Check the typical visa processing times for your country and leave plenty of time. Student visas in the United Kingdom are granted depending on a points scheme. . You would need to have the following: 1. Passport details
2. A recently taken photograph
3. A conditional offer of a position on a course from a licensed Tier 4 Sponsor, as demonstrated by a 'Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies' (CAS) form from the course supplier (worth 30 points)
4. Passing one of the stable English language examinations demonstrates satisfactory English language skills (SELT). If you are from an English-speaking world, such as the United States, or have completed a certificate equal to a UK degree in an English-speaking country, you would not be required to provide this.
5. Proof of financial sponsorship for the duration of your stay in the UK (worth 10 points)
6. If you are a non-EU/EEA/Swiss student studying a sensitive subject, an ATAS credential may be required.
7. Bank statements or a letter from your financial sponsor demonstrating that you will afford your education, housing, and living expenses are acceptable forms of proof of financial assistance. You would demonstrate that you have £1,015 (US$1,300) per month for living expenses if studying in the UK outside of London, and £1,265 (US$1,600) if studying in London.
8. You will also be asked to have documentation proving your college credentials, as well as to undergo an interview or biometric examination, which requires a digital scan of your fingerprints. You may also be expected to get such prescription vaccines or undergo a tuberculosis examination, depending on the country of birth.
9. If you are 16 or 17 years old and applying for a Tier 4 (General) student visa, you must have written permission from your parents or guardians to live and travel freely.
10. You must apply for the Tier 4 (General) Student visa online, after reading the full guidance here. You have up to three months before the start of your course to apply.


The University of Cambridge is the country’s second-oldest university and is rated as one of the top five universities in the world. The University is a member of the Russell Group, a network of science-led British universities; the Coimbra Group, a consortium of leading European universities; the League of European Research Universities; and the International Alliance of Research Universities. It is often considered a member of the “Golden Triangle,” a regional concentration of leading research universities.

Cambridge is a peculiar collegiate institution in that it has no campus. Instead, it is made up of 31 self-governing colleges that are united under the Cambridge banner. Each college is a part of Cambridge but is essentially self-contained. They select their own teaching staff and fellows in each subject, choose the students to enroll, provide supervision teaching for undergraduates, and are in charge of the students’ and faculty’s domestic arrangements and welfare. Choosing the correct college is critical, both in terms of ensuring a student’s acceptance and in terms of ensuring a satisfactory degree.

To date, Cambridge has produced 89 Nobel laureates, the most of any university, and Trinity College alone has produced more Nobel laureates than France. After the Queen and the Church of England, the University of Cambridge is the third largest landowner in the world.

International Student Services

Students’ key point of communication is their college, which has a variety of orientation arrangements. Campus societies and volunteer alumni associations also provide assistance, hosting fresher parties during September to connect students to one another and university life.

At the outset of and school year, the International Student Team hosts an orientation session to provide awareness about the university as well as the opportunity to meet other international students.

International students at Cambridge University are also represented by the iCSU. New foreign students are welcomed as soon as they arrive in the region, and social activities are planned during the year. At Cambridge, there are actually 1,300 foreign students from 65 different countries.


First place in the Times Good University Guide 2021

 Third place in the Guardian University Guide 2021

Seventh place in the QS World University Rankings 2021

3rd in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020

According to the World University Rankings 2021 it is 6th

The University of Cambridge excelled in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, earning the best results in the UK for aeronautical and electrical engineering, business and administration, chemistry, classics, and clinical medicine, with 87 percent of its submissions ranked as ‘world leading’ or ‘internationally outstanding.’


The accommodation is separately served and differs greatly from college to college. Most colleges own Cambridge houses and apartments, but they may also sell undergraduate rooms for all three years of study. The Service for Accommodation is also available to help organize private lodging in the city.


Cambridge is a major town in Cambridge shire, about 80 kilometers north of London. The university buildings, which have been a part of the town’s heritage for over 800 years, dominate the area. Cambridge is a tiny community, where almost all of the colleges and divisions are in close proximity to one another. They are linked by a bus service, and Cambridge is known for being one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in the world.

Cambridge has four main airports: Stansted, Luton, Heathrow, and Gatwick. Both four airports have National Express coach services to Cambridge, as well as direct trains from London that take around an hour. \




The University of Oxford, with 38 autonomous colleges and 6 permanent private housing, is the old establishment in the English world. It is one of the world’s leading academic institutions. The University is one of the top research universities in the UK, the League of European Research Universities (Coimbra Group), a member of the Russell Research Group, and a central member of the Europium. Oxford is still ranked in the top 5 universities in academia around the world.

The University of Oxford has been recognized as Gold in the Framework of Teaching Excellence, with graduates remaining among the best in the UK. Oxford graduates receive about £43,000 on average, five years after graduation. The university also has the largest number of students who reach 2:1s and higher and the highest number of students who receive first grades in the UK.

The weekly one-to-one course where undergraduates spend an hour with a specialist in their area is one special benefit for students in the University of Oxford. The Bodleian Library, the second largest bookstore in the UK after the British Library, is also located in the university.

International Student Services

Oxford International Office is offering candidates and students a wide variety of resources from guidance on general research on studying, permits and immigration at the University of Oxford and residing in the United Kingdom. It is also in charge of conducting international interviews and of the international orientation program. The Oxford Language Center offers foreign students special language assistance. The college administration will also provide personal assistance.


2nd in the Times University Guide 2021

1st in the Guardian University Guide 2021

5th in the QS World University Rankings 2021

World University Rankings 2021 in the Times Higher Education

9th World Universities 2020 Academic Ranking

The University of Oxford is one of the world’s top universities and is a member of the prestigious club of six THE World Rankings “super-brand universities.” Oxford University is now ranked first in the United Kingdom for its academic excellence. 48% were in the top four* group in university science and 39% were ranked 3*. For its amount of world-leading studies, Oxford was also the first of 12 topics.


All first-year students are accommodated by the 38 colleges which make up the University of Oxford. Not only are these colleges residential, but they are still responsible for the instruction of undergraduates.

A standard school is a restaurant hall, a church, a library, a college pub, middle (postgraduate) and junior communal quarters, 200–400 students’ rooms and lodgings for the college head and other donations. College facilities vary from mediaeval to modern, but most of them consist of interconnected courtyards.


Approximately 90 minutes from London, Oxford is in Southern England with a 150,000 population. Oxford buildings represent each English time after the Saxons came, like the camera of Radcliffe in the middle of the 18th century.

In reference to harmonious architecture of Oxford University, Oxford is referred to as the “city of dreaming spiral” a word invented by the poet Matthew Arnold. It is very much a college town and is in the University, which means that students in nearly any region get discounts.


  • 26 British prime ministers
  • President Bill Clinton
  • Tim Berners-Lee

50 Olympic medal winners

St Andrews University is the third oldest university in the English speaking world and the oldest university in Scotland, which was established in 1413. While St Andrews is a small town, it has been a center for Scottish politics and religion for a long time, which reflects a strong reputation in the humanities, particularly divinity and philosophy. A large proportion of the population is comprised of 9,100 students from more than 130 different countries and St Andrews encompasses the whole city, not a given campus.

Scottish graduations last four years, with greater versatility in St Andrews. Each of the Faculties (arts, divinity, medicine and science) is studied and modules are studied in one degree, and the final two years will be able to specialize more. As a former university, St Andrew’s rituals include the idea of university ‘parents’ and the May Dip, where students go to the North Sea in the early morning hours of May.

International Student Services

St Andrews University offers English language assistance to students in pre-session and for free in-session. St Andrews has two devoted international student consultants to offer you practical guidance and assistance. St Andrews aims to recruit the best candidates irrespective of the financial conditions and offers foreign students a wide range of bursaries and scholarship. They are intended to aid and encourage students through their time at the university.


  • 3rd in the Times University Guide 2021
  • 2nd in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • 96th in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • Over the last nine years, St Andrews has been classified as the best university in Scotland by The Times University Guide and four times in a row from 2011-2015 has been named Scottish University of the Year. The UK University of the Year was called in 2020.
  • Following the 2014 Framework for Scientific Excellence, 82 per cent of St Andrews’ entire research was classified as “world-class” or “excellent globally” and at least 98 per cent was “internationally recognized.” Chemistry, mechanics, classics and art history all worked well.


St Andrews assures all undergraduate students with the first year accommodation offer, provided that they apply by 30 June of their admission year. The town has over 4,000 rooms, of which about 40% have a choice of single or shared rooms and rooms with shared bathrooms or en suite facilities. Instead of on a single campus, students live across the city.

The University of St Andrews houses range from stunning listed, stone buildings full of original buildings to trendy modern, elegant and eco-friendly apartments.


In a rugged headland overlooking the spectacular North Sea waters is the city of St Andrews. Around 22,000 people, including students, live in this small and historical city and many magnificent buildings still serve as museums for thousands of years. Instead, the University has no campus, it occupies all of Edinburgh and St Andrews is just over 80 kilometers north-west.

St Andrews University has excellent services in a wide range of buildings, ranging from the state-of-the-art medical facilities at our location at the North Hough to St Salvators Quadrangle, where numerous conferences are conducted on a regular basis. In the last decade, changes were made both at the Students Union and at the University Sports Centre, whereby the Sports Center was undergoing a significant £14m redevelopment.


  • Prince William
  • Catherine
  • Chris Hoy
  • Dame Barbara Woodword
  • John Witherspoon

With half of its 10,000 students officially enrolled internationally, the London School of Economics & Political Sciences is the most diverse university and specializes in social science. LSE is also an association, representing 24 leading Universities in the UK, of the renowned Russell Group.


The London School of Economics is proud of its student body, which is among the academics and determined in the region, and currently holds a borrowing rate four times that of the national average at LSE – the highest in the world for social sciences.

International Student Services

The London School of Economics is one of the world’s most international universities with almost two-thirds of students from outside the United Kingdom. As a result, LSE is well positioned to accommodate all potential international starting points and to have the best guidance and support available.

Details on all administration resources related to classes and assessments, tests, ceremonies and financing assistance will be provided by the Student Services Centre.


  • 6th in the Times University Guide 2020
  • 5th in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • 49th in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • 27th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • The London Economics School has one of Britain’s lowest rates of abandonment, with the University having more “world leading” studies than any other United Kingdom university following its 2014 Research Excellence Framework. He was the strong pioneer in the social sciences, with especially positive outcomes in social, social and media research.


The London School of Economics grants a position to university halls to all first-year students as long as they apply by May. The University of London’s member organizations have a broader variety of accommodations and the accommodation bureau will help you find the cheapest and the most convenient accommodation during your visit.


In central London, just a short stroll from Covent Garden and the Thames River, the London School of Economics and Polite Science is situated. Five international airports, all less than an hour apart by the several train stations in London, represent London.

LSE Students are never bored in one the world’s most vibrant cities by London’s large array of museums, galleries, parks and other attractions, all of them gratis. The University is also located in a century-old world-class organization located in the city which offers internships and job networking opportunities and a high profile of the university and its connections with these firms means that your footprint is high.


More than 30 former or current state leaders and politicians, as do 16 Nobel Prize winners in economics and literature, were either students or teachers at the University.

Imperial College London is regularly ranked among the top colleges in the world and is a member of six leading British universities, including Oxford and Cambridge, as part of the “Golden Triangle.” Imperial is historically known for the universal scientific, engineering and medicine programs, but the Imperial College Business School and the department of humanities have received great attention more recently.

International Student Services

The Foreign Office provides international students at Imperial with immigration consultations, focusing in particular on UK visas for students and the regulations on work in and after training. It also focuses on pre-arrival contact and awareness for foreign students, including welcome events and guidance sessions.

There are several trips during the year to renowned locations across the UK, though Imperial also has access to external homestays.


  • 5th in the Times University Guide 2021
  • 9th in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • 8th in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • 11th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • 25th in the Academic Ranking of World Universities 2020
  • Imperial College London is one of the best universities in the country and ranks among the top twenty worldwide. The Financial Times ranked first in the UK and 12th in the world in 2013 and ranked 8th in the UK, 15th in Europe and 49th in the world in the previous Financial Times MBA report. All other topics are highly successful nationally in medicine, engineering, life sciences and physical sciences.


Currently, Imperial College London has 20 residential halls, almost entirely in London’s South Kensington and Chelsea districts. For Imperial’s incoming first-year students, who are promised a spot in a college residence, the availability is usually a priority. Older students and graduates find lodging in the private sector, which is supported by the private housing office of the Imperial College.


Imperial has a variety of campuses in London and the Southeast, all with excellent rail connections and easy access by public transportation. The primary campus is in London’s South Kensington, not far from Royal Albert Hall and Museum of Natural History.

Three of the largest airports in the UK serve the University well. These are available by special care, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted.


  • Alexander Fleming
  • Thomas Huxley
  • G. Wells
  • Brian May

In Leicestershire, 90 minutes north of London, Loughborough University is a university which has been registered since 1966 with over 16,000 students, nearly 10 per cent from over 100 countries worldwide. University of Loughborough is the top 10 university in all major national classifications, and is the “University of the Year” two-time university in the Times and Sundays.

Loughborough University Campus, UK’s biggest green campus, was rated the Times Good University Guide many times and is widely considered as the country’s best campus for sport.

International Student Services

The University of Loughborough has a free international student pick-up service at the airport, running most weeks before the school year. Initially, the Foreign Office will hold an orientation session to bring new international students to university life and practical departments. Also available are pre-sessional English courses which last 10 weeks prior to the start of the course.


  • 7th in the Times University Guide 2021
  • 7th in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • 226th in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • The UK’s best student experience over the past ten years has been noticed in Times Higher Education and the University has also been recognized 5* for QS Stars Scheme internationalization. It is, in the Lloyds Bank Survey, the UK’s best university for student quality of life and former sports ‘University of the Year.’


16 hall of residence at Loughborough University – seven catered rooms, six self catered and three in conjunction with a service provider – for students to stay. International undergraduate students are guaranteed accommodation in University Halls for up to two years.


The main towns of Nottingham and Leicester are also nearby by rail and just 90 minutes by train from London. Students have convenient access to shopping, movies, and fun, while the character of a small market town is preserved in Loughborough.


  • Rob Smedley
  • Monty Pansare

In all three big national league tables, Lancaster ranks in the top ten, and it is still well established at the regional league tables, for example in the QS World Rankings. For last year’s students, the University has scored 88% in the national student survey, making it one of the top ten in the UK. Lancaster is the Northwest Number One University and has won ‘Best University Halls’ over the past six years in the National Student Housing Panel. The Times Good University Guide called it ‘University of the Year’ for 2018.

International Student Services

The Foreign Student Consultation Service provides international students with assistance and support, including visa-building documents, visits to Lancaster, cost preparation and pre-arrival information. The university gives international students services. Before the start of the word, an airport pickup service from the airport is available. In addition to international foundation programs, pre-school English classes are available for undergraduate and postgraduate students.


  • 10th in the Times University Guide 2021
  • 10th in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • 135th in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • 136th in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2021
  • In addition to being one of the most cost-efficient universities in the UK as a whole, the Lancaster University is the highest-ranking university in North West England. 88% of students in the third year are happier than the average of the UK and rank in the top 10 nationally. The University of Times has been named the 2018 University of the Year.
  • The University of Lancaster was ranked 13th out of 128 institutions in terms of the consistency of its world-leading research in the 2014 Research Excellence Framework.


Lancaster University accommodation has gained ‘Best University Halls’ for the past six years from the National Housing Student Survey, and it is only one of only three universities to have reached the International Quality Accommodations Mark, with international students’ satisfaction at or above 90 percent.


Just 3 miles away from Lancaster City Centre, Lancaster University lies on a park area of 360 hectares northwest of England. The campus is easily reached and Lancaster is linked with a one-hour train connection to Manchester International Airport. Lancaster, London, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester, Oxford, and large towns in Scotland also have direct rail connections. Three hours’ train journey from London.


  • Sarah Waters.
  • John Moulton

It is one of the largest universities in the United Kingdom with about 38,000 (next to 9,000 international) students directly enrolled alongside 10,000 employees and is located in the north of England, Manchester. The University is renowned for its academic, science and research excellence.

Currently, the University of Manchester has 25 Nobel prize recipients, and 91 percent of recent graduates go directly to jobs or continuing studies. The University of Manchester is 33rd in the world and 6th in the prestigious Jiao Tong Academic Ranking of World Universities in Shanghai.

International Student Services

On arrival the University of Manchester has a dedicated staff that offers you a wide variety of services. A service for the selection of airports offers warm reception and orientation courses that enable you to quickly live in the UK. Continuous assistance is available at the university during your term, be it getting advice about visa or immigration, seeking the development of your academic English or a free time in the UK.


  • 18th in the Times University Guide 2021
  • 25th in the Guardian University Guide 2021
  • 27th in the QS World University Rankings 2021
  • The University of Manchester provides a remarkably large array of subjects, which were assessed as ‘world-leading'(4*) or ‘internationally outstanding'(3*). 83% of all academic activities were deemed internationally excellent. In the 2014 Research Excellence Framework, Manchester was ranked 5th in terms of research intensity.


The University of Manchester gives all students various possibilities of housing and provides a spot for foreign students in university-level accommodation. The University offers more than 8,000 spaces.


Three hours north of London, Manchester is situated by rail and has a world renown for sport and entertainment. The city is home to some of the best art galleries, theatres and museums in Britain, with a fantastic and unusual architecture of the industrial history and lively current of the city.


  • Ben Elton
  • Sir Norman Foster

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