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The United States of America (USA) is a popular study abroad destination. More than a million foreign students are enrolled in the country's leading universities. For several years, the United States has become a genuinely multicultural space where people from all nations and ethnicities have come to linger and continue to practice their respective cultures. As a result, the United States of America became a multicultural country. If you are a foreign student interested in studying in the United States, here is what you need to know about the educational system, eligibility requirements, admission process, fees, grants, and the visa process.


One of the most compelling arguments to study in the United States is because the nation is a leader in terms of educational standards. According to the QS rankings 2020, more than 150 universities in the United States are among the best universities in the world. That alone speaks volumes about the value of education.


Before their visa interview, an Indian student applying for a student visa in the United States should collect and hold the following documents on hand:

·         A permanent passport for travel to the United States – It must be valid for at least six months until the end of the stay in the United States.

·         Each family member identified in his or her passport should file a separate application.

·         The confirmation page for Form DS-160, as well as the nonimmigrant visa submission.

·         The receipt for the processing fee charge

·         Image - While a photo must be uploaded when uploading Form DS-160 online, a photo could be requested at the interview if the photo upload fails.

Type I-20, a certificate of approval for a student visa, will be submitted by the SEVP-approved school after the applicant's details has been entered into the SEVIS database. Both the candidate and the school official must sign the form i-20.

·         It's possible that additional documents would be needed.


Harvard is a prestigious private university in the Boston area, headquartered in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a medium-sized university with 7,148 undergraduate students enrolled. The Harvard approval rate is just 5%, making admissions highly competitive. Economics, Computer Science, and Political Science and Government are all common majors. Harvard graduates receive a starting salary of $70,300, with 97 percent of students graduating.


Stanford University is a prestigious private university in the San Francisco Bay Area, headquartered in Stanford, California. It is a medium-sized university with 6,996 undergraduate students enrolled. Stanford’s acceptance rate is just 4%, making admissions highly competitive. Computer science, engineering, and biology are all common majors. Stanford graduates receive a starting salary of $70,400, with 94 percent of students graduating.

Yale is a liberal arts college and a research institution. Its academics are motivated by both creativity and over 300 years of tradition. Yale students compete at the highest ranks in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, sciences, and engineering. Students from all walks of life, ideologies, identities, and passions come together as part of a multicultural society that values a multifaceted approach to undergraduate education.

Yale undergraduates are all enrolled in the same liberal arts programs, which offers 2,000 courses and 80 majors. Residential Colleges are small, close-knit neighborhoods located in beautiful buildings centered on courtyards that are allocated to students at random. Everyone represents a different aspect of Yale’s diverse student body while maintaining the atmosphere of a small campus.

Yale is dedicated to equity, meeting 100 percent of financial need for all students without the use of loans. Yale’s policies ensure that no student will ever have to turn down a spot in a class due to financial constraints.

Duke University is a prestigious private Christian university in Durham, North Carolina, near Raleigh. It is a medium-sized university with 6,597 undergraduate students enrolled. Duke’s approval rate is just 8%, making admissions highly competitive. Computer science, economics, and public policy analysis are all common majors. Duke graduates receive a starting wage of $76,300 after graduating 95% of students.

MIT is a prestigious private college in the Boston area, based in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It is a small university, with just 4,501 undergraduate students enrolled. The MIT approval rate is just 7%, making admissions highly competitive. Computer Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics are all common majors. MIT graduates receive an average starting salary of $82,200, with 95% of students graduating.

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